Meet Marianne (NOT really the Dawn Wells character on Gilligan’s Island)

[For convenience, 99.9% of my posts remain at Pineapple Hill, the website about my life in the Carolina boonies. I hope you’ll take a look. — Tim]


My lovely young bride, whose real name I cannot disclose because she prefers anonymity, reminds me even now of Mary Ann Summers—the sweet, good-natured farm girl played by Dawn Wells on Gilligan’s Island. For this reason, in Blue Rubber Pool and in these occasional blog writings, she is given the name Marianne. It is a code word that means something special. It means “this lovely person that led me away from the life I was living and replaced it with something altogether different: not as good in some ways but far better—beyond my imagination—in others.” When you hear me refer to Marianne, it is this that I mean to say.

Marianne has gone to Daufuskie for her annual round-up with other women willing to leave homes, gardens, pets and even children in the hands of husbands for a full week of week of being beach hens sunning by day, trading recipes and sips of wine by night. I am glad she gets away. She deals with parts of the world I have no patience for. And she deals with me dealing with the things I deal with quietly, out of her view. She knows I see the world differently because I’ve seen different things of the world. I am glad she gets away because one time, late at night, when she was finally sleeping restfully, I woke her to ask “Do you think it possible I might be a sociopath?” Poor Marianne. She never knows what curve ball’s coming next.

We are total opposites. She’s against the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit issue.

Anyway, as noted, she’s gone down to Daufuskie for the week so it’s just Jack and I manning the fort. (and, yes, Pineapple Hill is definitely fort-like). It may look like a laid back beach house in a cow pasture but let me assure you there are counter measures built in all around.

Jack, by the way, it our Chihuahua-Terrier pound pup. A TerHuaHUa. He pretends to be my wing man but is scared shitless when Marianne’s away. She just two days out and already the master bathroom is a HazMat situation. Problem: I’m not yet recovered enough from last year’s injury to dispose of the evidence. Not in its current physical state. It’ll need to “set up” first. Like cement, drying.

We have four more days to go. A lot can happen. But my plan is to do some writing. Some explaining, actually, about Blue Rubber Pool and what the deal is here.


Tim Bryant
Surf Director