GOING NATIVE in Business (lesson #82)

I’ve been collecting thoughts for a book on brand development related to new business start ups and product launches.  I like to think of entrepreneurs as GOING NATIVE, a mind set that requires stamina and persistence to succeed. A high level of confidence and ambition to push it all the way through …from the earliest kernel of an idea …to planning and launch …to benchmarks/enhancements …and to a planned escape (i.e., retirement …or selling out to develop other concepts. Going native means be willing to rough it, willing to scrounge, beg and borrow if needed, and to push aside things you hold dear. My plan is to pull together case studies from the clients I’ve helped over 20+ years as a consultant. for each one, I’ll identify the one thing that, to my way of thinking, made them successful and enabled their business to stand out from all others. More to come…

–Tim Bryant
Author of Blue Rubber Pool
Surf Director at Pineapple Hill