Led Zeppelin’s 50th Anniversary

Sooooooo I wrote Warner Music Group’s London office for permission to use Led Zeppelin lyrics in my quirky novel Led Zeppelin 50thBlue Rubber Pool. I thought they’d go along for kicks and giggles because it’s their 50th anniversary. I thought they’d like my guerilla marketing aspect—a lot of guerilla work occurs in Blue Rubber Pool. I thought wouldn’t mind my sharing their work in my story given the extent to which their music was influenced by many other musicians.

What I got back: crickets.

Combined with the nightly ruckus of geese brawling on the Jonesville Reservoir through the trees at Pineapple Hill.

O well. So Blue Rubber Pool is what I call Un-Ledded. Unplugged. It’s still fun. Still points out the places where LZ was playing in my mind.

I hope Led Zeppelin fans will like my work and will look me up for a friendly pint instead of pitchforks and torches. I hope you’ll play along in the chapter where I decide Janis Joplin could of done a hell of a job with [LZ Song, revealed in the book but not in this blog…cliffhanger].

Here’s a few Led Zeppelin fan clubs:

LZ’s Offical Site

— Tim Bryant
Author of Blue Rubber Pool
Surf Director at Pineapple Hill

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