Can you spare a cup of $87,000 please

This guy I know named Gunner scours the Internet looking for sailboats for sale on Craigslist and Ebay, etc.  If I see something cool you might be interested in –for example, a vintage woody– I’ll post it to pass it along. But this post is for me alone, because I have fangs of drool for this Hudson Force 50 designed by Bill Garden, same guy that designed the Gulf 32. FYI: The Gulf 32 was built by Capital Yachts, same company that built my Newport 30. (Now let’s play a round of seven degrees of Kevin Bacon.) Btw: There’s a Gulf 32 for sale in Charleston this very minute (It’s nice. I’ve seen it. It’s at Cooper River Marina.)

But back to the Hudson Force 50.

If it looks familiar, perhaps you once subscribed to Lattitudes & Attitudes my favorite sailing magazine back in the late 90s. It was published by wild biker Bob Bitchin whose adventures on Lost Soul, a Formosa 51, were occasionally included in Latts & Atts and in a book or two also. The Formosa 51 is very (very!) similar to the Hudson Force 50. (Please remind me to add Bob Bitchin’s books to the Jonesville Naval Academy’s Maritime Library at Pineapple Hill.)

Says the Seller:
“I purchased this vessel 8 years ago, completely restored the S.V., sailed her  ‘solo/singlehanded’ to Hawaii in 2011.
The vessel is being sold at a large discounted price point, interior hudson 51because I am investing the funds into my business. I have over: $140K just in replacement upgrades in the boat! i.e. Only repowered Cummins Turbo Diesel in world (in this vessel).
If you are seeking a serious turn key sailboat that needs nothing, or an excellent roomy liveaboard, this sailboat is a great choice.
Just a sample of the major systems replaced:
  • Cummins Turbo Diesel repower total cost $ 38,000; 2010
  • New “North Sails”, $ 13,000.00 custom (5) batton cruising main sail; 2012
  • All new Garmin Electronics complete package; 2010
  • New Paint and varnish both inside and out; 2016
  • Have 1,000’s in shipyard receipts.
I am selling the vessel for BELOW surveyed value. If interested I can email you additional pictures, video, complete list of all work accomplished during ownership ect.
If not sold on eBay – then its going back to a Yacht Broker with price increase of: $ 25,000.00 and I just sit and wait….. Buy now and save alot.
* * *

Talk about getting over excited. Thanks to Gunner I’m completely wiped out now.

It had been my plan to work in the orchard this morning but forget that. I’m heading directly to CrowdFund with a begging look in my eye.

Just kidding. I can’t take on another boat right now. Too much yet to do on land.

But somebody needs to buy this beauty and have a nice life.

* * *
— Tim Bryant
Surf Director at Pineapple Hill