Boats for sale on Craigslist (Cheoy Lee!)

Hold that mug with two hands instead of one (spoiler coming) …there’s a Cheoy Lee among the boats for sale on Craigslist.

And it’s free!

Usually, my Hit Parade is reserved for Woody Alerts (wood sailboats for sale on Craigslist real cheap).

BUT THIS IS A CHEOY LEE …and, children, it’s FREE!!!!cheoy lee on craigslist

I love Cheoy Lee’s. I practically love them more than “free”.

I’m going to a little edgy all day just thinking about this. But I’m told I already have more boats than time. (Well, she said “more boats than sense”). Bottomline: I’m told it’s a “problem”.

My therapist would have a fit that I’m just look around sometimes…

On Craigslist.

And Yachtworld.

(And BoatTrader and half a dozen more.)

Anyway, after you’re done cleaning up that coffee spill (told ya so) check out this link

# # #

— Tim Bryant
Surf Director at Pineapple Hill