BIG arts project needs your help

I need your help with a Big CONCEPTUAL ART Project I’m developing. Good News: it won’t cost you a dime. And it’ll be LOTS of fun!

Pineapple Heads already know that prior to working at ad agencies I worked at a

Islands wrapped in fabric by the artist Christo. (Conceptual art)
Islands wrapped in fabric by the artist Christo. (Conceptual art)

large arts council in Florida, and that have a strong interest in conceptual arts such as Christo’s work wrapping islands in fabric, placing yellow umbrellas across the landscape of Japan, and stretching a billowing curtain across two counties in California. Cool!

When I parked my sailboat and moved to rural South Carolina, it was

GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: The blue rubber pool, purchased while Pineapple Hill was being built, was ugly and weird but a lot of fun while it lasted. I added the privacy fence after a UPS guy came and went while I was “asleep” on my pool float.

Christo that inspired “island surrounded by cows” concept for Pineapple Hill. I built the beach house up on pilings in a cow pasture then gave it a boathouse, surfboards and oyster roasts. The cows showed up on their own –an endorsement as I see it.

Still, my transition to Jonesville, South Carolina, wasn’t easy. I felt, truly, like a fish out of water. I tried swimming in the Jonesville

These guys are playing "duck ball" in their blue rubber pool. Do you know about Duck Ball?
These guys are playing “duck ball” in their blue rubber pool. Do you know about Duck Ball?

Reservoir (across the pasture and through the woods from The Hill) but never felt at ease. Too many snakes …plus the possibility of a ranger sneaking up (since swimming isn’t allowed there).

So I bought a blue rubber pool. An ugly one. A very weird one. The kind that resemble a big blue rubber mushroom…

There's something very neat about getting so much from a cheap blue rubber pool.
There’s something very neat about getting so much from a cheap blue rubber pool.

It cooled me off on hot summer days. Brought back the sound of splashing gurgling water and, too, the sensation of floating, weightless and carefree. It provided a lot of laughs at a time I most needed them. And time to think, floating ’round and ’round, clockwise or counter clockwise according to my mood and my adjustment of the jets.

I loved that freaky pool. I can’t explain it but there’s a bit of attitude built in –a sense of what  Harley-Davidson riders mean when they say (“if you have to ask, you wouldn’t understand.”)

Either you get it, intuitively, or you don’t.


I want to create a website dedicated to blue rubber pools and the people that love them; that have been changed by them; that understand their similarity to space ships; that have written poems in them, and dreamed big dreams in them.

I want photos of your blue rubber pool along

Yellow Umbrellas --another conceptual art project brought to the world by the genius of Christo.
Yellow Umbrellas –another conceptual art project brought to the world by the genius of Christo.

with your stories, essays, poems, observations, inspired thoughts, dreams …whatever you’ve …as long as it relates to a cheap rubber pool.

I want to tell the world our story. I want to build a masterpiece of conceptual art with all of us inside it.

Send your stuff to me via tim bryant (at) pineapplehillsc (dot) com.

Another way you can help

is simply spreading the word. Point people to this proposal using Twitter, Linked In, Facebook, etc. and help make #BlueRubberPool bigger than I can alone.

I don't know who Lucian is but he appears to get the Christo concept.
Will probably end up with a lot of photos and stories like this one …but that’s okay I guess. Pablo Picasso said “The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing image, from a spider’s web.” I’m going to update that by adding “…and from the Internet.”

Make it one big pool party!

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— Tim, Surf Director

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Bone up on Christo here

Blue Rubber Pool: Excerpt #891

Odd how you miss a thing more when going without. The sea, for instance, jumping into a big fat ocean wearing nothing but a can of beer and perhaps a bright green swim noodle from Big Lots.

I had swum with sharks at night in people-infested waters and clung to buggy logs floating by crocodiles sunning on muddy banks. But I could not relax in the Jonesville Reservoir. Not with those snakes swimming everywhere, making S-shaped wakes in the corner of my eye. Snakes not hanging from trees like I’m used to but actually in the water with me, mean and sneaky.

Just through the woods below my pasture, the water was so tempting. Especially when waking on a boat–regardless that the boat is on jacks beside the barn. I could not resist driving the Jeep across my pasture and through the woods for a little R & R in the town lake.

But mere minutes after wading in, I saw snake wakes and became a wreck of nerves.

Day after day, a heat wave drove me to the water, and then the snakes drove me out.





A week later I saw the pool at Big Lots, complete with ladder, filter, pump, and jet for just $200. No-brainer. I brought it home, set it up, and practically lived in the thing. I could not resist–water blue as Turks and Caicos. A real Dream Machine.

And, best of all, no snakes.

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Buy it here.

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–Tim Bryant
Author of Blue Rubber Pool
Surf Director at Pineapple Hill