Book Publicity 102

The good news is that my debut novel Blue Rubber Pool was published by a small traditional press versus self-publishing…

The bad news is that the Advanced Reader Copy was rough as hell and late going out for distribution to book reviewers on whom authors depend upon for the breath of life. That means not getting picked up by publishing industry trade magazines that independent book store owners read and base purchase decisions on. And not getting picked up in trade media where recommendations are made to persons that buy books for public library collections. Bummer. Big time bummer.

So…as soon as I could I identified a few special target reader groups, researched their media and then wrote news releases tailored to them. And then I followed up. As a result, I’m starting to see some traction geared to baby boomers, boating “cruisers” and music lovers.



A boomer’s first book … but not his first adventure






I’m still working on a book promotion plan (And should have had this going many months before my book was published. My thought is that books reviews are the most important thing. Second is publicity that might generate those reviews.

Your thoughts?

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Tim Bryant
Author of Blue Rubber Pool
Surf Director at Pineapple Hill

Book Publicity 101

I’m FINALLY starting to get book reviews for Blue Rubber Pool and thank GAWD none are bad. So far.

It’s not easy reading the signs. Will my debut novel fly or flop? Some say it’s the work of a genius (well, okay, they said they liked it. A lot). Others quit taking my calls. So I’m stuck in literary purgatory.

Writers sink or swim on on the up and down tides of reader response.

I’m drifting right now.

Somebody, PLEEZ, throw me a line. Like these people have. (Thanks.)