Political Discourse On The CowBird

What lessons from Brown-Headed Cowbird could have significant positive influence on the Human Condition On Planet Earth?

I normally don’t discuss politics on the internet because I used to regularly visit various local editions of Rants and Raves on Craigslist. Rants and Raves is found in the Personals section so be careful. Don’t hit the wrong tiny button with your big fat thumb or you’ll be in for some surprises and perhaps an STD. In fact, forget Rants and Raves, it’s not what it used to be for political discourse, they’ve reined in the radicals on both sides of the blade, just go to any cable or main stream television news brand’s online reporting then scroll down to the public comments.

People get so mean-spirited. And it doesn’t have to be that way.

But back to the Brown-Headed Cowbird…

I bring them to your attention because they lay all their eggs in nests owned by other birds, leaving them there for the other birds to raise. That’s Part One of this two-part equation.

Part-Two is that, although some birds will reject cowbird eggs, others will indeed raise them up, buy them cars and even send them off to college. Even to the exclusion of their own offspring. This and other cool facts can be found in  Birds of the Carolinas Field Guide by Stan Tiekiela. He says warblers and other small birds will feed cowbird chicks twice as big as themselves.

Imagine. A small bird struggling to carry home a big fat worm to some other bird’s over-sized child while its own “normal size” children starve. Think about it. The lessons:

Part One: If more of the selfish types of this planet would simply step up to take more responsibility…

Part Two: And more others would step up to help those that need it…

Of course, as you would expect in matters pertaining to birds, this must happen in perfect balance, the right wing in harmony with the left.

Otherwise, it will never fly.

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Btw, were any of you reminded of the children’s book Fish Out of Water about Otto the goldfish that grew way too big?  I was. Another story lesson for another time.

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— Tim Bryant
Author of Blue Rubber Pool
Surf Director at Pineapple Hill