My Larry King Impersonation

—Jack, the Pineapple Hill pound puppy, likes riding in the old-but-sadly-not-vintage Jaguar XJ6 with windows and sunroof open, wind rushing in a sunny day, listening to Robert Plant sing “your momma said I cried in my sleep last night…”   

—There’s a spot near here where wild tea grows—its fragrance on summer nights is incredible.

—Jonesville has a memorial to locals that died in the War Between The States. They still fly the stars and bars there. Some families see it as a tribute to ancestors. Others as a symbol of hatred and pain. There needs to be more discussion on whether or not it’s best to put the past behind us or remember it to learn from it.

—My decision to relocate the hot tub over to an adjacent deck was a good one, and the move was easier than imagined: turn off the 220, drain it, detach the wires, jack it up, slide PVC pipes underneath then roll it Egyptian-style. I’m a genius!

—Wondering if there’s a reason that nobody around here sells Paw Paw trees, (i.e. the “poor man’s banana”). Though the fruit sounds interesting—Paw Paws are said to taste like banana custard—perhaps that’s not a majority mindset. Or perhaps they’re hard to grow. More research needed.

—My new “Trail Cover” top for the Jeep arrived. I’ve stripped the Wrangler down to less than even a bikini top. Although water drains neatly out the floorboard holes, if it’s not all out by the time you hit 35 mph, the air blowing in through those holes makes gushers high as the dash board!

—I’m reading a collection of poems by women of South America. So passionate and multi-dimensional. *

—Still have a ways to go finishing out the Conference Room/Oyster Party Room…but nothing’s going to happen on that today.

# # #

— Tim Bryant
Author of Blue Rubber Pool
Surf Director at Pineapple Hill