Jonesville Field Guide Entry #507

Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States of America, is associated with at least three different Union County houses still standing: the Wallace, JRR Giles and Cross Keys homes.

According to many accounts, including the one below from the May 27, 1865 edition

Rumor has it Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederacy, had much in common with this image from the 1970s cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

of Harper’s Weekly, was dressed as a woman when he was captured.

The firing in this skirmish was the first warning that Davis received. The captors report that he hastily put on one of his wife’s dresses and started for the woods, closely followed by our men, who at first thought him a woman, but seeing his boots while he was running, they suspected his sex at once. The race was a short one, and the rebel President was soon brought to bay. He brandished a bowie-knife and showed signs of battle, but yielded promptly to the persuasions of Colt’s revolvers, without compelling the men to fire. He expressed great indignation at the energy with which he was pursued, saying that he had believed our Government were too magnanimous to hunt down women and children. Mrs. Davis remarked to Colonel Harden, after the excitement was over, that the men had better not provoke the President, or “he might hurt some of ’em.” Reagon behaves himself with dignity and resignation. The party, evidently, were making for the coast. —   J. H. Wilson, Brevet Major-General.

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–Tim Bryant
Author of Blue Rubber Pool
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