Great Moment in Show Business Cartoon

[Rooting through that box from the liquor store where I toss my writings and doodles, I found a bunch of cartoon sketches from 30 years ago.]

This one shows a song lyrics writer at his typewriter. He’s talking to himself, saying “Let’s see…There’s no business like the TOE business…NAW! There’s no business like the SNOW business…NAW! Hmm… How about there’s no business like the ROWBOAT business…NAW! Let’s try There’s no business like a GROWING business. NAW! There no business IN the snow business… No. Damn! That’s no good.”  The note at the bottom then attribute this cartoon to a series called Great Moments in ______?________ Business, Part Five. The blank is left unfilled because this idiot can’t find the word.

— Tim Bryant
Surf Director at Pineapple Hill

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