Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

I voted today. Where I live, it took just a few minutes to  park, give my name and ID and then cast my vote for Governor of South Carolina. Nobody was mad at anybody. No Trump voters screaming about The Wall. No Antifa mob trying to torch my old Jeep.  For this I was glad. I drove back to Pineapple Hill with the top down, sun and wind making my day, glad to be a citizen.

In my book Blue Rubber Pool, coming out this September, I’ve tried to present both sides of several arguments: Capitalism vs. Socialism, good vs. bad, Uncle Sam vs. The World, religion vs. hypocrisy, Led Zeppelin vs. country. In some places, some people’ will hiss. In other places, other people will boo. For this, too, I feel glad to be a citizen.

One of the things we’ve almost always gotten right here in the USA is our ability to agree to disagree. If you’ve ever sailed way out with a few others aboard, you know how important this is. Because on a small boat in a big sea, team work is essential. There’s no room for grudges, disrespect and animosity.

In the scheme of our big bad universe, Planet Earth is but a spec. And upon it, We The People are barely a tick on the hind of a hound.

Our forefathers had many passionate debates about what was needed to succeed. Many of them in taverns late at night. A few egos may have been bruised and of course not everybody got their way. The majority ruled then, as our country began to merge, just as it does all these years later.

Wouldn’t it be great to go back to talking to one another again, fleshing out solutions for our mutual success?

Who’s ready to join that party?

— Tim Bryant