MLK and the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Today the stock market is closed in honor of Martin Luther King, freeze-framing last Friday’s tumble and the preceding weeks of losses. Some are worried to be stuck like this but I see wisdom in acknowledging a man that urged us all to dream large; to go all the way up the mountain no matter how many times we’re tossed back down to the bottom. There are parallels between MLK and the entrepreneurial spirit—and its bottom line is that we have to keep going, keep climbing ever higher. Our survival depends on that.

To me it seems likely and natural that we –all of us– are racist in some extent in some manner whether we want to believe that or not. In our own ways, we instinctively gravitate toward what is familiar and what feels safe. It comes from our intrinsic wanting to survive. Despite how far we’ve marched from the cold & hungry razor’s edge of our caveman days.

The same fear that drives us forward also holds us back.

Which brings me to my latest “coffee hour” discovery hot-tub-bike-deliveryon the Internet: Hot tub rentals. By that I mean having a working hot tub brought to you on loan for a fee. Specifically, I am referring to a Dutch tub delivered by bicycle.

How wonderfully thoughtful is Man. How beautiful our small inspirations at a time of large worry.

Just when the daylight seems going dull, a glint of light shows a way forward.

No, I am not belittling the accomplishment of MLK via this parallel with small business enterprise…

…I am showing that what Dr. King said is truly within your reach.

We are all capable of advancing our Mankind.

Big dreams usually begin with small steps.

Humanity, you see, is an entrepreneurial venture.

A spark…

A spirit…

…that keeps us going.

# # #

— Tim Bryant
Surf Director at Pineapple Hill