More Boats For Sale On Craigslist

Sometimes I post free or “offered cheap” boats seen on CraigsList. It’s an “FYI” thing. Because I’m a boat freak.  Usually its sailboats I post. Almost always wooden ones. Located all over. Not just near me.

Wooden sailboats are preferred because wood is organic, like the sea, and once you’ve experienced the surprising spiritual vibe of wood on water, it’s the way you’ll want to go. However,

At Pineapple Hill, this icon designates an Organic Princess (i.e., wooden sailboat ...or, sometimes, earthy women.
At Pineapple Hill, this icon designates an Organic Princess (i.e., wooden sailboat …or, sometimes cool earthy women).

fiberglass boats are often more practical in terms of their lower time and money maintenance needs. I’d never rule out “plastic” if it could be made to accommodate a safe and sensible opportunity for sailing. I especially like the glass ones made prior to 1960 (built like tanks) and, too, unusual hulls and set ups.


Today I offer two: West Coast and East Coast

31′ Searunner trimaran in the San Fran Bay area:
Seller says “Needs the mini keel, rudder, and trimaran for sale on Craigsliststarboard ama repaired and a little aethestics work, deck paint. … Running and standind rigging in good or new shape. Solid boat for cheap to knowledgeable person.” Here’s the link:


FREE: Full keel sailboat of unknown length sailboat on Charleston Craigslistand species near Charleston, South Carolina. Looks a bit like a Tayana to me but doubt it is. “FREE” of course never means there’s no cost to acquire. Be ready for transportation and boat yard fees right away …followed by spending time and money to get her “water tight and wind right.” Here’s the link:

If one of you ever takes on a project such as these, I’d enjoy having you post your progress on my website.

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— Tim Bryant
Surf Director at Pineapple Hill