Cheap or free boats on Craigslist

I like helping people get started in sailing by steering them toward cheap or free boats on Craigslist. Especially wooden ones. On Pineapple Hill these are known as “organic princesses. There’s

organic princess
“Organic Princess” –icon associated with wooden sailboats.

something magical about wood versus fiberglass –whether underway or toiling away making repairs at the dock. Wood requires one love working on them as much as sailing them.

My coffee confession this morning is that I held this one back, close to my vest, before passing it on.

My thought had been to fix it up, name it “Mi Mexico” (inside joke) and keep it on Lake Murray for family and friends.

The person selling it had even offered to take a stand up paddle board in trade…

But I better finish the Phil Bolger row/sail skiff already waiting in the boat house.

And then there’s the Tom Blake wooden mLA_LadderCo_Blake_decalsurfboard I keep meaning to tackle (having found plans in a 1937 issue of Popular Mechanics magazine).

And, of course, Pineapple Hill’s grapevines and pastures would benefit from more serious commitment on my part.

So the bad news is that I have to pass…and the good news is I’m passing it along to you now.

Sorry for holding out. I was under the influence of boat lust combined with a bit much Christmas cheer.

* * *

This wooden boat on Craigslist needs someone with an interest in sailing combined with a handful of tools…

Offered for just $400 is this 18′ “overnighter” needing work. It’s a Glen-L kit boat (the “Tango”, I believe, click here for specs). It comes with a trailer and sails.

Location is near Charlotte and owner is open to trades.

Here’s a link to the Craigslist ad. (Originally located by “Gunner” –bloodhound of CL boat ads)

* * *

— Tim Bryant
Surf Director at Pineapple Hill