West Coast Woody Alert! (Schooner Sailboat On Craigslist…$500)

Just for fun (and because I’m a wooden boat fanatic) I’m posting another ad I found for an almost free sailboat on Craigslist. This one better blow your socks off or you need to lay off the cha-cha juice: It’s a Bolger folding schooner for $500!

Boat designer Phil Bolger, considered a genius by many, focuses on boat plans that could be built by the masses with limited abilities, tools and budget.

(I have a Bolger sailing skiff –a Gunther rigged “row/sail” with an absolutely gorgeous sheer line.)

The main photo is what a Bolger 30′ folding folding scooner5schooner looks like finished and delivering joy to its owner.

The rest of the photos depict this cheap sailboat on Craigslist. You’ll need to put some time (including patience) and money into it. But, once done, you’ll have a real head turner.

Here’s a link to the sellers ad on Craigslist. Contact the seller directly (not me) for details.

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Here’s a link to more info about Phil Bolger’s folding schooners.

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— Tim Bryant
Surf Director at Pineapple Hill

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