Call it love. Call it culture shock. Call it mid-life crisis. What happened that summer involved jail time—a real problem in my line of work. The last thing you want is cops showing up and then your photo on Mugshots.com. On the bright side, it inspired a book.


JT Harrington, a shadowy, world weary South of the Border deal maker, is having qualms about his work and life. Smitten by a dainty Southern belle—she’s a Dawn Wells look-alike—he ships his sailboat to rural South Carolina and parks it near her parents’ generations-old plantation house.

But his transition to the boonies does not go well…

His type guns are not for hunting, his type boat is not for catching bass. He likes Zeppelin, not country. Nobody surfs. A neighbor’s cow keeps wandering near his stash. And somebody’s watching from the road.

Overwhelmed by paranoia and angst, he floats in a kiddie pool …until a mysterious package lures him back to The Money Trail.

The puzzle he must solve includes his own view of the world: good vs bad, kindness vs capitalism,  religion vs hypocrisy, revolution vs selflessness.

Blue Rubber Pool will be published in September 2018 by Black Opal Books, a boutique small press (not POD) committed to delivering quality stories in e-book and paperback format.


Blue Rubber Pool is fiction. Facts are blurred as if ink on wet paper.

With the exception of news articles clearly attributed to their credible sources—for instance those reporting the ouster of Honduran President Mel Zelaya— resemblance to actual people or events reflects an improbable connecting of dots.





Meet Marianne (NOT really the Dawn Wells character on Gilligan’s Island)

My lovely young bride, whose real name I cannot disclose because she prefers anonymity, reminds me even now of Mary Ann Summers—the sweet, good-natured farm girl played by Dawn Wells on Gilligan’s Island. For this reason, in Blue Rubber Pool and in these occasional blog writings, she is given the name Marianne. It is a …